TCP over Optical Burst Switching Networks

The primary objective of the project is to develop a suite of interoperable strategies that can facilitate the user domain TCP window congestion control mechanisms to well cooperate with the intrinsic haracteristics/behaviours of the OBS transmission. We expect that the results of performance analysis are considered heuristic for gaining better knowledge and deeper understanding on the TCP performance behaviour over both the conventional Internet and the OBS networks. Network Simulator NS-2 is used, where the library in Optical WDM Network Simulator OWNS has been significantly extended.





System developer "TCP over Optical Burst Switched Networks". Funded by Bell Canada


Selected Publications

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  • Towards Next Generation Optical Burst Switching Networks, KAUST, KSA, 2009. [PPT]

  • Transport Control Protocol over Optical Burst Switched Networks, Stanford University, USA, 2008 [PPT]

Software Packages

  • DRRP v1.0, 2005. Java implementation of OBS domain routing protocol

  • OBSTCP v1.0, 2006. NS2 situation of TCP over OBS Networks

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