Underwater Video Communications

Underwater Video

In this project, we aim at understanding and addressing buffering and packet scheduling requirements when data from multiple VLC links needs to be aggregated across an acoustic network. The lower capacity of acoustic link forms a network bottleneck, requiring us to research, explore, and devise mechanisms for buffer sizing to limit queuing delays. Further, packet scheduling techniques will also be explored to provide Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees to data packets. Our prior work on buffer sizing has been in the context of fighting bufferbloat in multi-hop wireless networks, where we considered the impact of large file downloads on the QoS characteristics of real-time audio and video traffic. When bottleneck links are known a priori (such as interface between acoustic and VLC nodes), the buffer sizes can be fixed in advance to ensure that maximum queueing delays do not exceed a known delay bound. Further, we plan to make the packet scheduling algorithm aware of and adaptive to intermittent link connections. For example, the mobile data mule link may become periodically available based on the mobile node trajectory. Using scheduling mechanisms that can adapt to this periodic, time-varying resource availability will be explored in detail.




  • PI "Underwater Visible Light Communications". Funded by NPRP with $125K.
  • Co-PI "Underwater Optical Communication System". Funded by KAUST OCRF with $512K.

Team Members

  • Abdullah Halafi
  • Hassan Oubei

Selected Publications

  • A. Halafi, A. AlGhadhban, and B. Shihada, "Queuing Delay Model for Video Transmission over Multi-Channel Underwater Wireless Optical Networks", IEEE Access, Accepted, 2019. [PDF]
  • A. Halafi and B. Shihada, "UHD Video Transmission over Bi-Directional Underwater Wireless Optical Communication", IEEE Photonics, To Appear, 2018. [PDF]  
  • A. Halafi, H. Oubei, B. Ooi, and B. Shihada, "Real-time Video Transmission over Different Underwater Wireless Optical Channels using Directly Modulated 520nm Laser Diode", IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Accepted, 2017. [PDF


Software Packages

  • VideoOptical v1.0, 2017. Labview implementation of live video transmission over underwater wireless optical Links


UHD Video Transmission Testbed Demo


Saudi 1 TV

Photonics Media and Phys.org

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